Desire of All Nations Album promo

January 14, 2018

Description: Our first upload on You Tube to help people to sample a bit of our music. It isn't the highest quality (hence later uploading samples through soundcloud instead :)).

LJS Concert in Schwaebisch Gmuend

July 2017

Description: This video was taken from our closing song of our concert from the audience perspective. We had prepared to surprise songs for the audience where a "spontaneous" choir joined us. It was definitely an amazing experience. Definitely goosebump worthy.

Laura's Baptismal

October 2017

Description: Here a part of the team (Sable and Wendy) with regular guest singer--Marc, Wendy's husband--singing for Laura who decided to give her life in baptism to Jesus. The song is based on her baptismal text Joshua 1:9 and part of her life as an encouragement as she grows in her walk with Christ. This is one of the many songs that were composed throughout the 12 years of producing the Desire of All Nations Album. Hopefully there are opportunities to release songs like these as well in the near future.

YiA Concert (Heidelberg)

November 2016

Description: First official concert  of the new album Desire of All Nations pre-recording and pre-formation of the new group. In this video we organized a spontaneous choir several hours before the performance to help in one of the songs. Here we are doing a run through of the song "Come and Be Filled" near the end of the song.

Song Arrangements

Sometime in 2017

Description: Here was one of many sessions where we as a team or in small groups within the group worked on parts of the arrangement. Here you get a little glimpse of Melanie working on an arrangement.

Studio Recordings of Desire of All Nations

October/November 2017

Description: In between our recording times (grueling 10 hour days) we would practice or prep for the following day at the place where we slept. Here one of the little ones from one of our group members was getting into the excitement of being a part of this experience. All of us parents were definitely missing our kids and enjoyed having him around. We even snuck him into the recording... :)