onething is a Christian group  consisting of six diverse musicians who sing and write out of a living experience with Jesus. The songs and lyrics are profoundly  refreshing and honest, infused with a natural warmth and sound. 


at a glance

  •  orginally formed for a two-week concert and CD recording stint.
  •  Officially formed in Nov. 2007.
  •  first group: 3 guys, 3 gals
  •  current group: 1 guy, 5  gals.
  •  8 instruments (at times)
  •  6 + vocalist (at times).
  •  Original songs.
  • Desire of All Nations Albums just recently completed (2019)
  •  Name taken from one of the song titles of the first CD..

Welcome to our site!

Just so that you know, the tabs at the top (on computers) or the small three lines at the top right (on smart phones) will lead you to other pages where you can discover more about us, our music or where to get our music.

Enjoy checking them out.


       is a noncommercial, 

                                       independent music group. 

Members of onething are not paid for their music. They are heavily invested in sharing their life with Christ in a experiential, musical, practical, simple and yet profound way.

The ministry relies on donation only.


If you're interested in bookings or other information, then please click on the contact link above.