Meet the Band



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at a glance

  •  Fourth of 6 children


  • Born in Kazakstan


  • Grew up in Bavaria (Germany)


  • Studied Music and English in Salzburg 


  • Loves arranging songs for the guitar


  • Runs a Guitar School in Murrhardt/BW

  • Experiences God's power in storms

  • Is fascinated with God

  • Studies physics in his free time

  • Loves spending time with his wife and children


at a glance

  •  First of 5 children
  •  Studies psychology
  •  Born in Austria 
  •  Dual citizen--Swiss & Austrian
  •  Got to know her husband through music
  •  Would like to learn the cello
  •  Loves Wendy's deep lyrics
  •  Resides in Germany
  •  Passionate about Youth work
  •  Thoroughly enjoys cooking vegan

Wladimir Meister

(a.k.a Wowa)



Wowa grew up in a family that loved singing. He remembers Friday evenings with great fondness. His family used to read excerpts from  the bible, discuss them and then spent hours on end singing together. Wowa's mother would often play the piano while his father played either the  accordion or the guitar. Inspired by his father's guitar playing,  Wowa chose to learn the guitar when his mother asked him which instrument he would like to learn. 


Wowa attended a music school for 10 years. In highschool, he continued another two years where he deepend his learning and understanding of playing the guitar. As Wowa went to continue his universities studies, His love for music and for the guitar only heightened, leading him to incorporating three more years of musical studies into his program. 
While studying at University, Wowa began to teach teenagers in Bogenhofen (Austria) how to play the guitar. Four years later, he started a guitar school in the same city where he is now working as a Music and English teacher in a Seventh-Day-Adventist secondary school.


He and his siblings began to write songs as teenagers and published a CD titled „Only Him“ in 2013. He was always looking for new challenges to arrange songs and was very glad, when Wendy told him that she needed a guitarist. 
He is looking forward to working on new songs.

Melanie Kluge

(a.k.a. Melly)


Melanie loved music from a very early age. As a toddler, she liked to play on her parents' piano. Interestingly enough she refused to play if there was no sheet music. It didn't matter if the music was upside down, as long as their was sheet music she was happy to "play". Until today, this was truly stuck with Melanie--she prefers playing or accompanying with sheet music (right side up and of course playing for real). Playing according to chords is a challenge for her, but one she took on willingly when playing with One Thing. She enjoyed taking on a new challenge to continue developing her musical skills.

Although she thoroughly enjoys playing the piano, her dream instrument as a child was the harp. This dream was reinforced everytime she heard a young lady at her church that played the harp. At the age of 8 she began her piano lessons, but not long after a Portuguese lady studying in Salzburg asked to store her Irish harp at Melanie's home and her longtime dream became a reality: she began to receive harp lessons as well. Melanie regularly played music together with her siblings creating a little group consisting of flute, cello and hammered dulcimer. She also had some opportunities to play in an orchestra or to accompany soloists at the music school she attended. 

When Wendy asked her to play with One Thing  Melanie was surprised and felt honored since she had always enjoyed Wendy's music. Melanie's first concerts with One Thing were at a stage of rebuilding the group and a bit spontaneous--although quite challenging, it was a lot of fun and a real blessing. Melanie enjoys not only making music with One Thing but also the friendships that have been formed and just loves Wendy's two sweet boys.